Just a little diet rant

Diet and body image

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Did I have a New Year’s resolution about blogging regularly? Well… I definetely messed it up… truth is, I just couldn’t decide on a topic. There have been a lot of health issues on my mind lately, and I would like to kick this off with a little diet rant before I address this a little bit more detailed (and, as I intended for my blog, more scientific ;))

I grew up in an environment that taught me that you have to look perfect. Dress neatly. Perfect hair, perfect skin. Stay slim. And don’t forget to smile. Otherwise people will not like you. They will talk behind your back about your messy hair or make-up, or your lack of control when it comes to eating, or what a grumpy weirdo you are because you are not able to put a bright smile upon your face on early Sunday mornings. Though I might not have a clue what it feels like to be struggling with overweight (read the full story here), I am not free of the pressure to look perfect.

But still I am scared about the amount of self-hate especially women can develop about a tiny bit amount of fat around their waist. A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine told me, she urgently needed to get her eating habits under control, or she would never lose 3kgs. We told her that she did not need this as she is damn fit, but feeling fit and strong seems too far from what is supposed to be a perfect look these days. Someone please start educating people about Photoshop and retouching for fitness magazines, and finally someone grill Tracey Anderson down the road!! (Well done, Dean, we need more of this!) Neither do we need people runining their health (Dear Mrs Anderson, could you please explain us again why Mrs Paltrow was diagnosed with osteopenia?) nor will a women’s life get easier with endless cardio sessions with light weight. I cannot imagine how to maintain routines like this with a full-time job and children – to me this is so unrealistic, I wonder how this could ever get so popular. Does anyone wonder why it is so hard to stick with good resolutions like going to the gym regularly, if it is more about endless boring cardio stuff, or self-punishment for some extra calories you ate?

I think we should ask ourselves one question: Would we tell others, what we say to ourselves sometimes? Would we start someone else’s day with telling him or her how messy, chubby or ugly she/he looked? Quite offending, isn’t it? I do not say this comes easy, but we need to stop offending ourselves. Because it just won’t make us feel better, look better or… HEALTHIER!

Fortunately there are women out there spreading the message that it is time to let go of self-hate, like my dear friend Marianne, or Erin of Fit Mama Training or Molly Galbraith of Girls Gone Strong.

I wish for more women out there to find the truth in what Erin states: “You can’t hate yourself healthy; You can hate yourself fat. You can hate yourself thin. But healthy is a place you’ve got to get to with love.”

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